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saleAll Teon wanted was an easy life. He wanted to play his lyre and tell stories and riddles, get some free food and ale and maybe a roll in the hay.  The best place would be at the royal court. Unfortunately, the Mercian king wasn’t keen on these kinds of people.


What the king wanted was a seer, a prophet, to tell him how to become the best king in the seven kingdoms. Teon could learn to do that, couldn’t he?


So he sought advice from a thug warrior about reading the runes. Ah, but it would cost him.


First he had to tell of the adventures and conquests. Then he had to kill. Then he had to kill children. People died along the way.


But could he do it? How far would he go for an easy life?



The novel Teon, based on real events. Available in print and digital formats. On sale for one day only at 99p (ebook).

Teon: the Feckless Bard

How far would you go for an easy life?

A feckless musician and storyteller, all Teon wants is an easy life. The new boy-king of Mercia needs a prophet to help him reclaim his father’s kingdom. Teon simply has to convince him that he is the prophet to guide him on his quest.

But the easy life comes with a price.  It requires deceit, cunning and murder.

A tale of ambition.

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