My favourite scent

Truly a wonderful company if ethics are your thing. So pleased for my daughter.

Eden Purfume.jpg

Eden Perfumes – Stella, No 91

Eden perfumes are a family run business in Brighton, specialising in beautifully scented perfumes.

I came across Eden after looking for Vegan perfumes that do not smell like a damp tree, or a bottle of Jif…sorry Cif (am I showing my age?)

Cruelty free and Vegan perfumes have come a long way however I really struggle to find scents I like. I struggled with Lush’s earthy perfumes, I wholeheartedly disagree with chemicals being tested on animals but I don’t want to smell like a shrubbery, ya know?!

This is where Eden Perfumes comes in and completely changes everything you think you know about ethical perfumes.

Family run business? Yes. Vegan? yes. Smells like your favourite scent? Yes.

Smells like your favourite scent? Sorry what? Eden Perfume are the leaders in creating dupes of your favourite scent! Moments like this, I really believe miracles do…

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