Historical Fiction Cover of the Month – May

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Well, it’s already May, so before I go to Ludlow for a week of researching and walking, I’d better post this month’s covers. And, by the way, the timing of my visit to Ludlow has absolutely nothing to do with the Spring Festival there next week, described as “like a beer festival but better.” [http://www.ludlowspringfestival.co.uk/]

Now last month someone made the point that my choice of covers probably reflects a certain male bias and I suppose I have to own up to that. I do struggle to see covers from a female perspective but then, as I’ve always said, these thoughts about covers are merely my own personal views. I would not dare to suggest that my selections are in some way “the best” but simply the ones that appeal to me. I hope I also explain sufficiently why they appeal to me.

Anyway, the May covers have…

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