Finally out!!

We need all the support we can get. Good luck!


 Its happened! I’m a published author! Now what?


Now comes the hard part, getting it out there.  It’s on Google Play, it’s on Kindle, and its on the Author House website. But does that mean it’ll take off by its self? No.  For authors like Steven King and Dean Koontz, it’s easy to promote a new book.  But for an unknown author?  Almost impossible.

That’s were you come in, dear reader. All I ask is that you give Breathless Bodies a preview, a quick scan of the first few pages.  If you don’t like it, no harm done. But if you do, then you read a good book!  Where’s the downside?  Please give this a share to help a struggling author along!

Much love,


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3 thoughts on “Finally out!!

  1. Whoops, sorry AJ, I read this in a rush and thought it was your novel! I have to admit I was wondering about the undead theme…..heh….anyhow best of luck to Brigit…I WILL check it out, and your new book, too!!

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